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Managing AAC in the Classroom: Strategies for Implementation and Buy-in Tips & Tricks


Communication doesn’t just happen during speech therapy! This course will help you consider how to train & support classroom professionals so they feel confident in following through with implementing AAC even when you’re not there. We have rounded up the best tips & tricks for buy-in and evidence-based practices for AAC coaching and implementation for improving AAC outcomes in the classroom.

Introduction to AAC for Gestalt Language Processors


This course will address what we know (and still don’t know) about everyday clinical practice for our AAC users that are gestalt language processors. It will cover both family and professional experiences while also addressing the research, identifying speaking/nonspeaking GLPs, AAC app feature matching, the theory of programming, and implementation.

AAC for Teams: Built for Paras, Teachers, SLPs, and Other Related Professionals


This course will provide foundational knowledge about AAC that is important for all team members to know. It will cover the basics ranging from what is AAC, different types of AAC, how to use AAC, common misconceptions, best practice for collaboration, AAC in the IEP, assessment and funding options, and more!

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About Emily

Emily Diaz, M.S. CCC-SLP is a certified speech-language pathologist with a passion for empowering individuals to find their voice. With a focus on neurodiversity affirming care and augmentative & alternative communication (AAC), Emily offers valuable insight and support to clinicians, parents, and school districts. 

Emily’s expertise extends to topics like managing AAC in the classroom, the importance of staff-buy in and dynamic coaching methods, and the nuances of gestalt language processing and AAC implementation strategies. 

Having shared her knowledge at conferences and platforms, including Meaningful Speech, Bright Ideas Media, and SpeechPathologyPD.com, Emily stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation in the field of speech-language pathology. Discover the transformative impact of AAC with Emily Diaz, SLP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do your courses offer CEUs?

Organizations are able to submit a request for CEUs to ASHA or their state association. We are happy to fill out the necessary paperwork for this. Otherwise, these courses are offered for Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

2. Do you present in-person or virtually?

We present both in-person and virtually. Please request a quote and for more information about availability.

3. Where else have you presented before?

We have presented for Educational Service Centers across Texas, school districts & clinics across the United States, SpeechTherapyPD.com, SLP Toolkit Summer Camp, Bright Ideas Media Online Conferences, and more!