I share about what's worked for me because...

I believe it can work
for you too.

I’m an AAC Specialist, but I have a confession to make. I started working in this field like most SLPs do — with absolutely no education or training on complex communication needs or assistive technology. In 2015, I took over a caseload of students I had no clue how to treat. I constantly questioned my evaluations, my IEP goals, my interventions, and my knowledge about AAC. I wasn’t “learning on the job” either.

I was failing.

From grant writing, to lending libraries, to workshops and everything in between I somehow managed to take control of my caseload and fall in love with AAC.

I know from experience how it feels to know nothing about devices, have zero staff buy-in, and no time to train teachers and paraprofessionals. I also know that it’s possible to change and stop letting AAC scare you and stress you out. 

share about what’s worked for me because I believe it can work for you, too.

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Professional Bio

Emily Diaz, M.S. CCC-SLP is a certified speech-language pathologist with a passion for empowering individuals to find their voice. With a focus on neurodiversity affirming care and augmentative & alternative communication (AAC), Emily offers valuable insight and support to clinicians, parents, and school districts. 

Emily’s expertise extends to topics like managing AAC in the classroom, the importance of staff-buy in and dynamic coaching methods, and the nuances of gestalt language processing and AAC implementation strategies. 

Having shared her knowledge at conferences and platforms, including Meaningful Speech, Bright Ideas Media, and SpeechPathologyPD.com, Emily stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation in the field of speech-language pathology. Discover the transformative impact of AAC with Emily Diaz, SLP.

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A little more about Emily

  • I’m an enneagram type 3 & crave achievement.
  • I thrive on 5-6 hours of sleep.
  • Fav coffee order: vanilla almond milk latte
  • I love freshly washed bed sheets.
  • Speaking of…I can never get to bed on time.