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Our practice values neurodiversity affirming services and specializes in providing support for AAC, social communication, & gestalt language processing. Whether it’s therapy or consulting, we are committed to making your journey feel more comfortable and helping you feel more confident.

We know how challenging it can be to navigate unique & complex communication needs.

There’s a lot out there when it comes to learning about topics like communication devices, echolalia, and language delays. You could spend hours researching it all yourself and hopping from therapist to therapist… or you could let us guide you along the way.

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Evaluations & therapy services

Our services are focused on supporting adult and pediatric augmentative & alternative communication (AAC), gestalt language processing, social communication skills, and other speech/language needs like stuttering, speech sound disorders, and language delays.

1:1 Coaching Packages

Communication partner interventions are critical when it comes to understanding AAC implementation or the framework of gestalt language processing. By working together 1:1 over the span of 12 weeks, we can help you become a more confident communication partner.

School Contracts &

We provide special education services through school contracts for speech and language services, assistive technology policies & procedures development, classroom support, team training and AAC evaluations & implementation, and Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE).

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With years of experience, and being a leader in the field, we offer a full range of AAC solutions to fit any need.

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about emily

"Im just a human trying to make a connection to other humans."

Hey there, it’s Emily! I’m a speech-language pathologist with a passion for complex communicators and a desire to build connection and confidence through AAC. I’ve worked in public schools, residential treatment centers, and private practice since 2015 with kids and young adults who just want to be loved & heard.

I share about what has worked for me and my clients because I believe it can work for you, too. Whether that looks like hanging out on my Instagram feed or working 1:1 with me, I am so glad that you are here.


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