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Imagine having the strategies you need to
actually be successful in the classroom when it comes to AAC.

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I’ve put together a comprehensive two-hour training so you can get the strategies you need to be successful in the classroom! Best of all, I want you to have it for a special discount. But you gotta hurry! This is only available for the next 15 minutes.

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I want you to be confident when it comes to AAC therapy.

It took me 4 years to feel like a confident AAC SLP. That’s quite a bit longer than the length of the Managing AAC in the Classroom workshop, as I’m sure you noticed. 

Thing is, too many SLPs aren’t confident when it comes to AAC therapy.

Often because they’re still managing their caseload with a “traditional mindset.”  

❌ You schedule groups of students. 

❌ You pull them out of class. 

❌ You wait and see if therapy is even helping. 

❌ When you pop into a classroom it feels like the equivalent of initiating a war. 

❌ … and naturally, you let the teacher win.

That’s done now! You’re about to start showing up like an AAC SLP.

I’ve done this for a while now and I can say for sure: confidence is everything. It’s about showing up with confidence and doing what the research says works. (Notice I didn’t say “doing what YOU think works.”) Do what THE RESEARCH says works.  And if you don’t know how to do that yet, may I suggest you join me inside Managing AAC Therapy in the Classroom? 

I know you’re busy with a billion other things. I know you’ve got students to see and IEPs to write.

That’s why I’m giving it to you all in the most digestible format possible. 

If you want to feel more confident with push-in AAC therapy, get yourself enrolled now.

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